Battery Doc – Professional Battery Care and Booster


Keep your battery in it’s optimal state, optimize power usage and get tons of information about your battery!Downlaod Battery Doc to improve your batterys health!

Downlaod Battery Doc to improve your batterys health!

-> Professional Health Care for your Battery
-> Intelligent Laod and Discharge Algorithm
-> Adaptive Status Display
-> Professional Battery Care improves extends Battery health
-> Individual Themes for both background and battery state
-> Create own themes for background and battery state

Key Features:

Battery status:
Immediate access to the most relevant data of your battery

Intelligent Algorithms:
Controlled load cycles help improving batterys health

Reminders for optimal state to start charging, also via e-mail!

Be informed which process drains your battery most

Individual Themes:
Choose individual background pictures and themes, create your own themes

Check what has happened when with your battery

Tips and Tricks:
Useful informations about batteries, hints to make them last longer, informations about things to avoid to protect your batterys health

Battery Doc keeps your battery in its optimal state, and takes care for best performance


More features are provided inside Battery Doc, download this must have app to maintain your batterys life and make your battery last longer!

Battery Doc does – unlike other Battery Monitors – not only monitor and display the battery status, it includes intelligent algorithms to maintain battery life and finds the best way to treat your battery.