Doc Vault


Out Now!!!Doc Lock is a vault for documents of any kind and works independant from passlock, Doc Lock protects your documents even when the iPhone or iPod is unlocked and ready for use.

Doc Lock let’s you lock and protect documents, pictures, music, movies, basically any data file that is stored in your iPhone or iPod.

The function of Doc Lock is independant of the iPhones or iPods Passcode, that means your device can be used as usual after entering the passcode while still protecting your files. This makes Doc Lock the ultimate tool to protect your privacy.

Doc Lock features both a numeric lock and a graphical lock, you can choose if you want to enter a numeric code or draw a figure to lock and unlock your files, this grants an almost endless number of possible combinations.

Doc Lock protects your privacy not only by hiding your files, it even comes with a separate browser that let’s you hide the history, and an additional tool to create and safe pdf documents.

Furhtermore Doc Lock comes with a tool to create and safe pdf documents.

All this features make Doc Lock the first choice when it comes to privacy and data protection.


* Ulitmate Privacy
* Protection of any kind of data on iPhone or iPod
* Device can be used normally while data are separately locked
* Passcode can be numerical or graphical
* Hide surf history with integrated browser
* Create and store pdf documents

Doc Lock is the first choice when privacy and disctretion matters!