Pro Scan



Pro Scan turns your iPhone into a fast and efficient scanner for documents, bills and many more.
Quickly scan and store documents as pdf, jpg or png, share them via e-mail or WiFi or uploud scanned documents to Dropbox, Evernote or Google Docs.

Pro Scan comes with a simple, yet intuitive and efficient user interface that provides instant access to brightness, rotation and colour control.

Proccesing is made entirely in the iPhone, that means there is no additional costs for data transfer and increased security.

Main Features:
✓ Share over WiFi
✓ Upload it to Dropbox
✓ Upload it to Evernote
✓ Upload it to Google Docs
✓ Save as Pdf or JPG
✓ Generate Multipages
✓ Choose Paper size
✓ Warp Affine correction