Schools Out


Schools Out is basically a guard that informs you if your child is where it should be in an agreed range of time.
 It allows you to find out where your children are if they don’t arrive where they should, and to take measures if you think it is necessary.

You define the schedule with time frames and the whereabouts for this schedule.
The app will do nothing if the whereabouts of your children match the schedule, but you will be informed if they don’t match, as example if your children don’t arrive at school or don’t arrive at home after school.

After being informed you can decide if and what measures are necessary, all the same your children are able to make their own, autonomous decisions. If they decide for a spontaneous visit at a class mates home after school, they can inform you to allow you to alter the schedule.

Be informed and able to take measures when necessary in the case something unwanted happens to your children.

* Informs you when your child gets off track
* Allows you to take neccessary measures in case of emergency