Wallet Camera


Photos will become more than just photos with Wallet Camera, they will become artworks with a personal message.

With Wallet Camera you can not only change and edit the picture itself, it comes with a built-in recorder.
There is no better way to add a personal touch or message to a picture than adding your own voice.

Wallet Camera makes talking pictures, literally!

This app does it all:

✔ Add background images
✔ Add frames to your photos
✔ Single or Multiple … our app does it

If effects are needed, Wallet Camera has them:

✔ Amazing filters, colorizing, and image effects
✔ Use your own captions or place them from our library
✔ Use the doodle tool to sketch, write or simply have some fun with the images

What makes this app unique (and your pictures too):
It has a built-in recorder!

✔ Amazing filters
✔ Built-in Recorder
✔ Mono and Multiple Frames
✔ Cutting Tools
✔ Sketching & Doodle Tools
✔ Tons of Photo Editing Tools!! More than other apps!
✔ Library of multiple background images!
✔ Caption & Text generator tools.
✔ Plus, a library of Captions to choose from!

Much more to come!